Free Things To Do In Tampa With Family

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Free Things To Do In Tampa With Family: Tampa a captivating city in Florida, welcomes a huge number of tourists every year for its breathtaking view and some free things to do. Sensational views of sunsets, waterfront views, a picnic in the park with pleasant weather, and scenic drives are those activities in Tampa that make you happy without any cost. You can get plenty of ways to play in the city of Florida with no need to break the bank. 

If you are looking for the best free things to do in Tampa with family, then you have to read this article where we will share plenty of family-friendly things to do in this city. These free things can make your Tampa trip budget-friendly.  

Top 5 Free Things To Do In Tampa With Family

1. Catch The Florida Sun With The Tampa Riverwalk

If you’re an early riser, you should make time for the sunrise on the Tampa Riverwalk, a priceless spectacle. A pink sky drenched with sun in the morning can make your day beautiful. Also, enjoy a rare sunset at Water Works Park. You can also complete your day with a beautiful sunset view on the sparkling waterfront. The view of the central downtown spot, Curtis Hixon Park, is spectacular while the University of Tampa towers over the gorgeous sunsets and river breezes. It is one of the best free things to do in Tampa with family.

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2. Take A Free Historic Ride To Explore The History Of The City

Don’t forget the hysterical ride when you come to Tampa. It’s free, convenient, and available 7 days a week. From downtown to the Channel District on the popular TECO Line streetcar, this ride will help you explore Ybor City’s history. This stretcher system stops at 11 covered, wheelchair-accessible stations every 15 minutes. It can be a unique, free attraction and an essential part of the Tampa Bay trip.

3. Stroll The Longest Continuous Sidewalk And Explore The City

Tampa has the longest continuous sidewalk in the United States, Bayshore Boulevard. It is a 10-foot wide path where you can easily walk, bike, blading. It also offers you stunning views of the bay. Also, you can enjoy the view of the most impressive real estate in Tampa. Nothing gets less exciting than the Tampa Riverwalk, a 2.6-mile walk through downtown Tampa. Along the way, you’ll find Tampa’s most popular restaurants, parks, and cultural centers. It is an excellent free thing to do in Tampa with family.

4. Celebrate The Local Art By Walking

Tampa is vibrant and cosmopolitan for its diverse cultures, backgrounds, and people. The public art and murals that can be seen all over the city will help you discover the diversity of Tampa. You will find images of Tampa wildlife at the All for Love Mural. you can also visit here the two Tampa Bay icons Tom Brady and Ray Charles. It also allows you to celebrate the sports, music, and art that may offer you the excellent Tampa tour.

5. Spend One Day At Hammock Park Butterfly Garden 

The Hammock Park Butterfly Garden is another best attraction in Tampa that most visitors don’t know more about. But it is one of the free things to do in Tampa with family if you are a nature lover. The sight is truly spectacular with thirty-five different species of butterflies fluttering across all 11 garden beds. It is an ideal place to spend with family in the lap of nature.


If you want to make your Tampa tour budget-friendly, read this article. You always take advantage of the above-mentioned activity or place in the city, these are also the best attractions and free things to do in Tampa with family.


Is Tampa Good For Tourists?

Tampa is a very good city for tourists because it is a great city for all ages persons to trip.

Why Is Tampa So Popular?

Tampa is so popular for its beautiful nature landscape, charming beaches, and big sports teams.

How Far Is It From Tampa To Disney?

The distance from Tampa to Disney is almost 72 miles.

What Food Is Tampa Famous For?

Spanish Bean Soup, Guava Pastry, and Grouper Sandwich are very famous in Tampa.

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