7 Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas For A Couple

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Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas For A Couple: Every year Las Vegas welcomes many tourists, especially newly married romantic couples. They find adventurous and crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples that make their travel experience unforgettable. Now the abundance of lights, vibrant nightlife, and several incomparable attractions make this place known as the world’s entertainment capital. So you are suggested to come here, explore the city’s famous landmarks and indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities. In today’s article, I will tell you the guide about the best things to do in Las Vegas as a couple to create a memorable trip.

Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas For A Couple

1. Take A Helicopter Ride

If you are an adventure lover then you should try a thrilling helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip, which can make your romantic tour adventurous. Maverick Helicopters offers different tours to the surrounding city area including daytime tours to enjoy the majestic Grand Canyon and night flights to enjoy the dazzling nightlife from the charming sky to Las Vegas. Whichever romantic tour you choose, you will surely experience breathtaking views for better enjoyment.

2. Hot Balloon Ride Over The Mojave Desert 

In Las Vegas, you can enjoy the romantic hot air balloon ride with your partner over the expansive Mojave Desert which is a mesmerizing experience. Here, you are floating through this stunning landscape of the Vegas Valley and get a chance to relax. It is a great crazy thing to do in Las Vegas for couples. 

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3. Take A Mountain Biking Experience

If you both are an outdoor adventure enthusiast, don’t miss the chance of mountain biking in Las Vegas. It is a very thrilling and remarkable travel experience for you. Bike ridings are offered for every skill level because there are different tough trails around this part of Vegas. Breathtaking views of these Adrenaline-inducing trails will make your entire trip more exciting. So, you must add this lovely and fabulous mountain bike riding to your Las Vegas things-to-do bucket list.

4. Elvis Tribute Classic Show

Las Vegas is a renowned city worldwide due to its impressive impersonators. Couples can get the chance to enjoy a romantic Elvis Tribute Classic Show. The specialty of this show is the legendary artists come back to life through their performance including singing and dancing. These show types will give you a night of nostalgic entertainment in Vegas. So, to get the entertainment you must see the Elvis Tribute Classic Show with your partner.

5. Enjoy The Live Music Show

city is also popular worldwide for its music culture which prides itself on offering music-rich culture of every genre to its guests. Couples will find the perfect romantic musical backdrop on the streets of Vegas in the evening, from world-famous bands to local talent. You can enjoy intimate jazz lounges, thrilling rock concerts, or lively Club Muses for dancing that offer you a great experience.

6. Explore Fremont Street

It is well known worldwide that Fremont Street is the heart of historic Las Vegas. it is one of the best attractions of the city where couples will get the chance to explore on foot under the dazzling LED canopies and enjoy the evening with Vega’s lively music. In this street, you will find talented street performers who have graced the region with melodious local music, open-air concerts, and vintage casinos. Couples are also advised not to miss the iconic light of the Fremont Street show that illuminates the streets.

7. Italy In The Venetian

If you get a fully enjoyable trip in Las Vegas you can’t ignore this romantic Italy at the Venetian resort. It will give you a taste of romantic Italy and offers good quality of various restaurants that are perfect for a couple-friendly dinner. Here another option for the couple is a renowned bistro that offers traditional French cuisine where the couple easily enjoy the different kinds of foods like escargot, steak frites with various types of wine list.


Las Vegas is considered the perfect place for a romantic couple tour, which may be your memorable tour of a lifetime. So you are advised not to miss the above-mentioned crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples if you want to make your tour more exciting. If you want to get more travel-related guides, you must give us valuable feedback and precious advice in the comments.

FAQs On Crazy Things To Do In Las Vegas For A Couple

How Many Days Do You Spend In Vegas?

5 days is enough to spend on a Las Vegas trip. If you want to explore the entire Las Vegas then 5 days is good for a couple.

How Much Money Should I Bring To Vegas For 3 Days?

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas, you should plan your 3-day budget for $500 including Food & Drink, Entertainment, Shopping, and gifts.

How Many Days Needed In Vegas With Family?

4 to 5 days are needed in Vegas with family to travel and explore the attractive travel destinations, beaches, natural landscape, and history.

How Much Money Should A Couple Take To Vegas?

If a couple plans to explore the Las Vegas tour they can take a $250 to $300 daily budget for their fun, entertainment, food, and beverage. If any couple wants a 3-day trip, they can take around $800 to $900 for the overall Las Vegas trip expenses.

Is Las Vegas Romantic?

Yes, Las Vegas is a romantic city in Nevada, US because there are plenty of things to do for couples to enjoy their romantic trip. Here you can visit very charming destinations, top-class restaurants, and art museums.

Is Las Vegas A Foodie Destination?

Yes, Las Vegas is one of the foodie destinations for travelers. There are many foods like pasta, pizza, tacos, donuts, etc very popular, and plenty of foods and restaurants also available.

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