7 Free Fun Things To Do In Raleigh, North Carolina

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Every one of us enjoys traveling to exotic places in the world, whether it is on vacation or having a travel passion. There are so many wondrous places in each nook and cranny of the world that it does not even bear descriptions. If you are considering a fun place to visit on your next vacation, you can consider Raleigh in North Carolina.

There are lots of fun activities in this capital city, other than it being the hub of a rich and cultural center. There are many things to do in Raleigh whether you are an art lover, an adventure buff, or have any other penchant.

Fun Things To Do In Raleigh, North Carolina

History & More On Raleigh

The city of Raleigh got its name from the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. It was established in 1792 as the capital city of North Carolina. Numerous oak trees in the city provide a picturesque look to the landscape, so the ‘City of Oaks’ is another name given to Raleigh.

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The central location of the city of Raleigh makes it a lucrative hotspot for visiting historic places like Hillsborough or Chapel Hill. Wrightsville Beach and Atlantic Beach are some of the more attractive beach destinations on the North Carolina Coast. If you are a mountain lover, you can also opt for the Blue Ridge mountains which are well known for their hiking paths and panoramic beauty.

Fun & Frolic Things To Do In Raleigh, North Carolina

Museum Visit

If the tourists are fond of visiting museum artifacts, Raleigh is just the place for you. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the Marble Kids Museums, and the North Carolina Museum of Art are noteworthy museums that cater to the fancies of science, history, and art lovers.

Haunted Walking Tour

One of the most exciting and spine-chilling things to do in Raleigh, particularly if you have an interest in the paranormal is the Ghosts and Ghouls Hauntings Walking Tour.

This is a breathtaking tour through eight of the city’s most eerily haunted places under the supervision of an expert guide, which include the Heck-Andrews House and the White-Holman House. The White-Holman house boasts of the peg-legged whose walk can be heard by the eager tourists. The Executive Mansion is the place that unravels the puzzling mystery that surrounds the Christmas Tree.

Outdoor Activities In Raleigh

Assuming you are an outdoor lover and enjoy taking a hike, bicycle tours, or picnics, there are parks galore for you in Raleigh. The two most notable outdoor parks include Pullen Park and Umstead State Park. The Umstead State Park is located between the downtown city of Raleigh and the city airport. It is a nature lover’s paradise boasting a sprawling area of more than thirty-two miles of taking hikes and going bicycling.

These are some of the more outdoorsy things to do in Raleigh when it comes to being out in the great outdoors! For the people who are nature lovers, there are also camping sites and trails for horseback riding. Pullen Park is one of the oldest and most prominent parks in the United States of America. The tourists visiting here enjoy going on paddle boats and small train rides. It also offers a carousel. You can visit these parks during your stay in Raleigh.

Downtown & Bar Activities In Raleigh

You as a tourist will love to check out some of the more prominent hotspots in the downtown part of Raleigh on the moving bar with wheels. The expert guides will help the tourists to have a whale of a time, with music playing on the journey. It is called the Trolley Pub Public Tour of Raleigh. The duration is of two hours and it stops at some of the bars for approximately fifteen minutes each.

If you are fond of a rooftop bar with strong brews and exotic cocktails, the classic Raleigh staple is just the place for you. The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium and the Zenith Raleigh are some of the more prominent stopovers on the tour. If you are a beer buff and like to choose from the top, there are choices galore as in over two hundred beers at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. You can enjoy yourself on the external patio as well. This tour is something that can count as one of the most thrilling and fun things to do in Raleigh.

Pedicab Tour In Raleigh

Speaking of tours, the tourists can also take a Private Pedicab Tour of Downtown Raleigh which is one of the worth mentioning things to do in Raleigh. This is the capital city in the state of North Carolina and has a rich cultural history. The private pedicab excursion will provide you with a detailed insight into the rich culture and aspects of the landmarks and attractions in the downtown part of Raleigh. The Historic Oakwood locality, the famous Moore Square, and the North Carolina State capital form part of the stopovers of this exciting tour.


Shopping is a tourist’s must activity and it can count as one of the most favorite things to do in Raleigh. The best part is that there are lots of upmarket boutiques which boast designer brands in Cameron Village. If it is something more down to earth and local which you seek, try visiting the shops and stores in City Market. You can visit Crabtree Valley Mall and Triangle Town Center to check out more of the retailers, wholesalers, and departmental stores.

Sports Activities In Raleigh

Raleigh offers plenty of pleasures to the sports lovers. It is host to a lot of sports tournaments throughout the year. The PNC Arena which houses the Carolina Hurricanes is instrumental in holding concerts and major games events.

If you are seeking out games and events as well as festivals among your things to do in the Raleigh list, you can very well visit the North Carolina State Fair which takes place in October. It is a very well-known and pleasurable convention that highlights farming products, wonderful music played live, and exciting rides.


All in all, Raleigh is one of the most thriving capital cities as well as being a very picturesque location. It provides a rich cultural heritage into the history of the state and is also a traveler’s paradise. So, what are you waiting for? The next holiday season, book your tickets for this delightful capital city of North Carolina and go back home with wonderful memories!

FAQs On Fun Things To Do In Raleigh, North Carolina

Are Raleigh Museums Free?

There are 7 museums free for tourists and visitors. If anyone wishes to donate money they can appreciate it.

Is Raleigh Urban Or Rural?

Raleigh is an urban area where the population is almost above 472,540.

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