10 Fun Things To Do In Santa Barbara, California

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Fun Things To Do In Santa Barbara – Winter is here and spring is approaching. It is time for some vacations with your families and buddies. So any plans where you would like to have a joyful experience?

It is said that Santa Barbara in California is one of the awesome places to visit during your vacations or when you have weekends off. The city is filled with various fun-filled places where your travel wish list will not get fulfilled within a week.

The sunset, the climate, the mesmerizing sea beaches, the mountains, and the entire architecture of the city are so breathtaking that you will feel to visit more than once a year. To elaborate more, you can experience more in Santa Barbara, like visiting the sun-touching beach of the Pacific Ocean, going hiking in the Santa Ynez Mountains, and many more.

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Santa Barbara is also considered the real gem of the Californian coast. It is one of the most gentle tourist destinations that one can witness. With all the family-friendly zoo, heavenly museums, and rich botanical garden, you will feel to stay back in this

Whether based in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can make this city on your vacation list. You can have fun playing volleyball on the beaches or you can enjoy watching the whales rolling over the seashores. So without further ado, let us first explore this blog to know the fun things to do in Santa Barbara that we can explore or experience.

10 Fun Things To Do In Santa Barbara

Now I discuss the 10 fun things to do in Santa Barbara. Let’s start with the main points:

1. Old Mission in Santa Barbara

In the late 18th century, the Santa Barbara city derived its name from this Old Mission. The tile-proof rooftop, the elegant courtyard, and the shadow-filled arches will surely make your day when you visit the Old Mission in Santa Barbara.

The mission has a life within because it is a historical and beautiful destination consisting of well-constructed walls with a magnificent chapel and cemetery.

2. Viewing The Sunset From Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara is one of the most renowned tourist attractions and an ancient working wharf in California. It was constructed in the year 1872 and provided all the aid required by the freights and the passengers.

Situated on the vigorous Santa Barbara harbor, it is one of the places to experience the water-sweeping views of the famous Pacific Ocean, held with the frame of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

You can also experience some more fun-filled activities over here like watching the whales swimming, fishing, and witnessing the sunset over the ocean.

You can also visit in few shops and restaurants on this wharf where you can grab a bite of some mouth-filling seafood while experiencing the awesome view of the ocean.

3. Downtowns In Santa Barbara

It is said that Santa Barbara has some small but beautiful downtown districts in the Southern part of California. That is why few people also regard it as one of the prettiest cities in California or the whole of the United States.

The layout of the city is extremely friendly, especially if you are a pedestrian. So walking around the shops and restaurants will be a fun and easy activity for you.

The buildings in the downtown are designed in the style of the Spanish missions in honor of the people who helped build this city.

4. Santa Barbara Zoo

One of the biggest and most popular places to visit in the city of Santa Barbara is its zoo. The Santa Barbara Zoo is regarded as one of the best small zoos in the United States of America.

The zoo consists of more than 100 kinds of animals that draw the attention of child visitors. If you have children and you are visiting Santa Barbara with them, you must visit the zoo once. They will truly enjoy watching the giant western lowland gorilla or prowling of the snow leopard. And if you are tired and hungry while visiting the zoo, make sure you visit the restaurants and food carts in the zoo. You can also check out for beverages available in these places.

5. Santa Ynez Mountains

The best thing that you would like to experience while visiting Santa Barbara is its wide range of biological and geographical diversities. The Santa Ynez Mountains are located about 40 miles from the Santa Barbara downtown. You can also experience several hiking trails over here.

6. Inspiration Point

You are visiting Santa Barbara and not experiencing hiking while encountering nature, is like an incomplete vacation list. If you are really onto some hiking stuff, make sure you visit the Inspiration Point.

There are two from where you can visit the Inspiration Point, the Channel Island, and the mesmerizing outlook that overlooks the coastline of Santa Barbara.

7. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

If you are a nature-loving person and think that nature brings peace, this is the right place. This garden consists of native Californian plants. The redwood trees which were planted during the 30s, seem that the trees are growing organically. You can get many spaces to walk and sit for some time to rest and catch the natural view of the garden.

8. Arroyo Burro Beach Park

Planning for an outdoor and not visiting the Arroyo Burro Beach Park, is kind of an incomplete vacation to experience. It is situated about ten minutes from the Santa Barbara downtown. You can come here along with your family and friends. You can play volleyball over here. It is a perfect destination for your kids to have a wonderful gala time.

9. Lotusland

Polish Opera singer Ganna Walska, who was also a garden lover made this elegant tropical and subtropical garden at the Lotusland more than forty decades ago. You can spend a couple of hours exploring this culturally-themed garden. Within this couple of hours, you can witness the prehistoric cycad garden. You can also witness the forest with a shade of blue and silver along with the cycad garden.

10. Whale Watching Cruise

It is said that Santa Barbara is one of the most admired destinations for whale watching in the US. This New Year is the perfect time for whale watching because the prime spot for whale watching is from January to March. Without any further ado, book a cruise of the Santa Barbara channel and enjoy watching the humpback and blue whales swimming to and fro into the ocean.

Final Words

So hope this article fun Things to Do in Santa Barbara is helpful to you for an overview of the fun places to visit in Santa Barbara. Visit our website for more such travel-related articles. Happy journey with amazing fun. If you find this article helpful then you must give us your valuable comment and share the post on your social.

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