Crazy Things To Do In Colombia

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Crazy Things To Do In Colombia: Colombia is now visited by a large number of tourists almost every year. This South American country has become the most preferred destination for international travelers. The endless beaches of Cartagena, Medellin’s excellent weather, Bogotá’s museums, and cultural attractions draw large numbers of travelers here throughout the year. As a result, it is now well-established as the best tourist destination on the map.

Increased security and the demobilization of the FARC have opened up many tourist destinations in the city. There are several unique and crazy things to do in Colombia for adventurous travelers, which are discussed below. So, read the entire article carefully to get detailed knowledge and steps.

Crazy Things To Do In Colombia

Cross The Desert Of La Guajira And Reach The Top Of South America

At the top of the list of unique things to do in Colombia that attract adventure-loving tourists is crossing La Guajira and climbing to the northernmost point in South America. The most northerly point in South America is Punta Gallinas and the end of the desert peninsula of La Guajira on the border with Venezuela. Here travelers can find some unique natural scenery. Especially, the Taroa Dune creates a breathtaking view of the sea, unlike any other scene in Colombia. Lots of adventure lovers come from different corners of the world to see this gorgeous view. This is one of the best crazy things to do in Colombia.

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Enjoy The Movement Of Humpback Whales In The Pacific Ocean

Another unique and crazy thing to do in Colombia is to go deep-sea to see humpback whales, which migrate from the Antarctic to the warm waters of the Pacific between July and October to mate. But the ideal time to enjoy the whale movement is August and September.

But there are some good places to see these whales, such as Bahía Solano. It is very easy to reach. So this place has become very popular among tourists.

Closer to town, Nuqui is another great choice for tourists to spot whales on a gorgeous, pristine beach. For the real adventurous, Gongora Island is ideal, It is a wild place and can be difficult to get to. So you need permission from the Park Service to get here.

Both Bahia Solano and Nuqui can be reached by plane from Medellin. Again you can go by boat from the port town of Buenaventura. So if you are planning to Colombia, don’t miss to see the Humpback whales.

Enjoy The Breathtaking View Of The San Bernardo Island

Colombia has many Caribbean islands, which attract many visitors to see their natural beauty, such as Tayrona or San Andres Island. But there are some lesser-known islands that not many tourists know about, which are arguably more beautiful, such as the San Bernardo Islands, the sister chain of the Rosario Islands off the coast of Cartagena. These beaches are known among Colombians, although less visited by foreigners. Visiting this island might be another crazy thing to do in Colombia.

Nearby you will find the most densely populated island in the world which is located near Santa Cruz del Islote. Here you can enjoy the experience of swimming with nurse sharks.
Dive into the colors of Caño Cristales, the rainbow river

You may have seen a river lit up in different colors in the recent Disney movie Encanto. It doesn’t have any fancy animations. It is the real scene in Colombia. Along the Caño Cristales Guaberro River near the highlands of the small town of La Macarena grows an aquatic plant that grows only here and gives the river its color. Although remote, this is an expensive scene that is undoubtedly one of the unique things in Colombia or one of the crazy things to do here.

July to November is the ideal time to enjoy the colors of the river here when the plants are in full bloom. The park is open during this time but closes in the off-season. Sometimes the flowers bloom when it rains in late November. Then the park opens for visitors.

Don’t Miss The Beautiful And Lash Green Landscapes Of Guaviare

For those who want to do some crazy things in Colombia on a budget, they can go hiking with a view of the Rainbow River. Its road passes through the Caño Cristales. It is ideal for tourists who are staying in Guaviare. Like La Macarena, Guaviare was a conflict zone, now being rediscovered by the Colombians, still relatively unknown to the foreign traveler.

Some of the highlights of Guaviare include seeing the prehistoric rock wall paintings of Cerro Azul. Although these are less visited, the paintings at Nuevo Tolima and El Raudal del Guayabero are truly magnificent. Both Cerro Azul and El Raudal look incredible from the top of the mountain, so it’s hard to believe without being here.


Known as a ‘megadiverse’ country, Colombia is home to some impressive environments and ecosystems, including the Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, Amazon rainforest, Andes mountain range, countryside landscapes, etc. This unique environment offers you many crazy things to do in Colombia.

FAQs On Crazy Things To Do In Colombia

What Kind Of Activities Do Colombians Do?

In their free or leisure time, Colombians enjoy travel, parks, movies, discos, etc. There are lots of festivals and carnivals that happen throughout the year in the country including the Carnaval de Blancos y Negros, Semana Santa (held during Holy Week), and Feria de las Flores. Colombians prefer to enjoy the carnivals.

What Has Been The Main Tourist Attraction In Colombia In Recent Years?

The Cocora Valley wax palm trees are popular as the highest tourist attraction in the world. This top tourist destination in Colombia has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you are a nature lover, bird watcher, and fresh mountain air then you must come here.

What Is Unique To Colombian Culture?

People are known all over the world for etiquette, formality, and dignified behavior. They are always conscious of maintaining their honor and moral integrity irrespective of class or background.

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