5 Best Skydiving In Las Vegas5 Best Skydiving In Las Vegas
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Best Skydiving In Las Vegas: Las Vegas is known around the world for its breathtaking scenery of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. So a lot of tourists come here from every corner of the world to enjoy this view. It is a great place for skydiving. Tandem jumps here can thrill beginners, while there are plenty of options for experienced skydivers. But sometimes the weather conditions make the skydiving activities.

Experts suggest that you do some study before jumping into skydiving. They also advise, that choosing skydiving centers with professional instructors and a strong security history is important. Apart from these, other considerations you need to make while choosing the best skydiving in Las Vegas are cost, storage requirements, age, health restrictions, etc. Some best skydiving in Las Vegas are discussed below.

5 Best Skydiving In Las Vegas

1. Skydive Las Vegas

Nevada’s highest jump, Skydive Las Vegas is the most popular skydiving destination in the region. This skydiving offers breathtaking views of Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, the Colorado River, the Valley of Fire, and more as you fall from 12,500 feet at speeds of 120 + mph. The expedition ends with a 7-minute parachute ride.

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2. Go Jump Las Vegas

Most of Go Jump’s instructors are national champion skydivers who will help you land at 1000 feet per minute while enjoying amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. This skydiving in Las Vegas is used by the people of Las Vegas or the nearby area as a celebration center for events like weddings, birthdays, marriage proposals, and bachelor skydiving. Here you will be allowed up to 250lbs weight, more than that you will have to pay an extra charge. If you are a newbie, they also give you lessons about sky diving before.

3. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is also very adventurous. If your mind is weak but you are a skydiving enthusiast then you can go with indoor skydiving. Now Vegas Indoor Skydiving has become so popular, that you can experience floating in an indoor space in winds of up to 120 mph. Get the full experience of flying, free-falling, and floating for about an hour. There are no parachutes or planes involved, instead mesh trampoline floors and foam walls. Here also you will find all the tools and professional training courses. They always try to give you ease. 

4. Skydive Fyrosity

As a private club of skydiving club in Las Vegas, Skydive Fyrosity allows you to celebrate your private functions such as birthdays, marriage proposals, weddings, and other different occasions up in the sky and the open air. It is also the highest skydiving in Las Vegas and allows you to enjoy sunset jumps and free shuttle services. For amateurs, they provide skydive coaching and load organizing. After a 45-minute drive, you can enjoy unforgettable scenic views of Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon, Moapa Valley Indian Reservation, Mormon Mesa, Mormon Peak, etc. from an altitude of about 15000 feet. You can enjoy the last 5-7 minutes parachute ride.

5. Sin City Skydiving

Sin City Skydiving is the lowest-priced skydiving in Las Vegas with the highest safety record. They claim that your security is in your hands. Located 30 minutes from the city, They offer free round-trip shuttle trips and also allow you to fly for around 15 minutes you can fall about 30 to 45 seconds from 15000 feet. Through this Skydiving, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon, etc while falling from 15000 feet. 

Guidelines Need To Be Followed While Skydiving In Las Vegas

  1. Before enrolling in any skydiving, you need to check the official website of the center very carefully. Do not skip any type of information mentioned on the website and Google. 
  2. Before start flying, you should take proper training. It can be extremely beneficial for amateur
  3. Skydiving can be a fantastic memory. So, Try to take pictures and videos for memory. 
  4. Try to maintain the maximum and minimum weight, mentioned in the rules and regulations of the particular center. 
  5. Wear particulate clothes according to the choice of the centers to make your journey smooth.

Las Vegas is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for its picturesque view. Large numbers of tourists come to the place throughout the year to enjoy this magnificent view. Many adventure lovers opt for skydiving to enjoy this breathtaking view. So Las Vegas is heaven for skydivers. There are some best skydiving in Las Vegas. You should maintain the dos and don’ts to make your skydiving journey smooth. 


How scary is the first time skydiving?

It is a question many people ask ‘Is skydiving scary’? Yes, it is scary for those who have weak adrenaline. Most adventure lovers enjoy it very much. But there are some places where even skydiving professionals get butterflies in their stomachs.

Where is the most expensive place to skydive?

Where is the most expensive place to skydive?
Everest – Nepal. Skydiving in the shadow of the mighty Mount Everest means a thrilling trekking expedition to reach the high airbase. It is a pride for expert skydivers. It can cost up to $20,000.

Can you skydive at night in Vegas?

Sky diving is famous in the night sky of Las Vegas. If you want to experience skydiving in the neon glow, don’t miss Skydiving in the night sky of Las Vegas. But it costs much more than normal skydiving.

How fast is SkyJump Vegas?

40 mph fast is SkyJump Vegas. Sky Jump is an open-air jump from 829 feet above the neon strip. It’s a heart-pounding, scream-inducing activity. Sky Jump holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial decelerator descent facility. The crowd standing below will applaud your bravery as you jump down at 40 mph.

What does SkyJump feel like?

During the sky jump, you can feel the temperature change and pressure on your skin. At the height of the jump on a hot day, you feel noticeably cooler, much like opening the refrigerator door in the heat.

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