Things To Do In South Dakota With Family
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Things To Do In South Dakota With Family – Most of the people who have never visited South Dakota only know that it is famous for Mount Rushmore. Though Mount Rushmore indeed is one of the greatest places to visit in South Dakota, along with it, there are many places of interest, and to visit and many things or activities to experience with your families. The unity of mountains, silent prairies, and the clear water of the lakes makes a perfect combination for a traveler cum nature lover.

Are you still having doubts about what to do and where to visit in South Dakota? Do not worry. We will guide you through this blog by sharing some picks of some places and activities to have a grand experience.

Things to do in South Dakota with children and families

1. Visiting the Little Hosue on the Praire

To have a greater experience for family fun, that too in an old-fashioned way, you can visit this historic site. If you want to camp, be sure you are provided concealed wagon tours and wear bonnets, pinafores, and straw hats. If you are a pioneer, you can grind wheat, make ropes, and make corn cob dolls.

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2. Exploring the Stretchy Badlands

Situated on the border of the Great Plains, Badlands National Park is a unique and beautiful terrain, full of spires, buttes, and rolling grasslands.

If you drive through the highway, you can catch a glimpse of the Badlands Wilderness, which is a unique feature of this place. You can check for coyotes, big-horn sheep, and American bison.

Here is the fun thing to do to experience the amazing view of the beautiful landscape of the Park. There are also some hiking trails that you can find near this place that are suitable for children, such as the Fossil Exhibit and the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail.

3. Heading to the Underground of South Dakota Caves

The land of South Dakota is full of caves and they welcome the tourists with open arms. With your family, you can experience a mysterious, unique, and interesting look into underground life.

There are two caves you can visit with your families – Jewel Cave National Monument and Wind Cave National Park. Both the caves together run about 300 miles underground.

4. Digging for some bones in the Archeological Sites

Here is a fun thing to do in South Dakota, you can travel back to the time, during the prehistoric period. It has one of the largest research facilities of the mammoths where you can take a guided tour to witness the actual fossil of the ice age. It has specimens of more than 58 fossils of Wolly and Colombian mammoth, that too on-site. It also has fossils of many other animals.

5. Following the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark

When Lewis and Clark were able to follow the Missouri River through South Dakota, so why can’t you? Several trails and interstates follow the route. If you go further north to the Praire, you can take a boat ride in the state capital on the Sunset Paddle Wheeler to view the famous water landmarks. If you are looking for some more camping spots for more recreation experience, you can head to Farm Island.

6. Visit to the Wild West in the Deadwood

The mining town of Deadwood was born overnight in 1876 as the outlaws, miners, gamblers, and gunslingers moved into the town, searching for gold. Deadwood City is full of fun for the Wild West family. The city is a historic landmark as a whole.

You can even start your day with the oldest museum in Deadwood which is full of historical artifacts, Adams Hosue and Museum. You can also be a part of the daily reenactments or pan for some gold in the Broken Boot Mines.

7. Discovering the Monuments of the Native Americans

Your trip will be incomplete if you do not visit any of these historical and cultural sites that provide an experience of the legacy of the Native Americans. The South Dakota Arts Museum exhibits many arts of certain Native American artists. To keep the little ones interested in the Native American culture, they have a hands-on experience with their “Kids Sensation Station”.

8. Do not Miss the Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most popular landmarks. It is situated in Rapid City, the southwestern part of the State of South Dakota. Make sure that you and your kids do not miss the faces of Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, and Roosevelt when you are visiting Mount Rushmore.

Above all, Do not miss the 1880 Traid you with a complete tour guide for visiting the state of South Dakota. We will be in touch for more such tour guides. So guys, this is today’s article, I hope you understood and get detailed knowledge on this topic which we cover in this article. If you like this post please give us your valuable feedback in the comment section below.


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