Top 8 Best Things To Do In Michigan City

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Things To Do In Michigan: Michigan City is located on the fascinating beach of Lake Michigan in Indiana. It is considered a desirable tourist attraction, especially if you are a nature enthusiast or a lover. Michigan City is full of many places to enjoy your vacation joyfully. You can get a luxurious shopping mall, an alluring sandy beach, and even a resort with a casino. Along with that, this attractive city is also close to a national park. The marinas in the city are a perfect place for cruising and fishing. You can spend the entire day relaxing on the beach and then visit the elegant lighthouse to witness the beauty of the beaches.

Along with the above places, you can also check for locomotives, museums, and many other fascinating places. So, without hesitations, let us explore through this blog to have an idea about the places to visit and things to do in Michigan City.

Best Things To Do In Michigan City

Top-rated Places To Visit & Things To Do In Michigan City

Grabbing some view from the Michigan City East Pierhead Lighthouse

The end of the East Pier has been the home of the only lighthouse, which has been operated publicly since 1904. It is a live-through of the city of Michigan. One of the best activities you can experience in Michigan City is walking down the pier in fine weather.

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The walkway became unusable in 1930 when the light got electrified. But the community came together ensuring the preservation of the area. From Washington Park, the pier has been accessible and one of the best places for fishing for over a century. It is also the point for a scenic sunset view.

Spending Outdoor At The Trail Creek

Trail Creek is one of the most awesome tourist spots in the city of Michigan. It was once the tributary of Lake Michigan. Before merging with the Great Lake, it travels across for more than 7 miles. One of the topmost things to do in Michigan City is spend the afternoon in this place. A large portion of the wetland, surrounded by water bodies makes the environment more beautiful.

It is also a place for wildlife, flora and fauna. You can see bald eagles flying around or trouts and salmons swimming across the streams. One of the activities you can add to your travel wishlist is experiencing salmon fishing in this tributary.

Exploring the Ancient Lighthouse Museum

The old lighthouse, built in 1858, is located near Trail Creek and serves the purpose of a beautiful view. The lighthouse was established as a dual light to illuminate the entrance of the city of Michigan. It can be seen at the Washington Park. The Old Michigan City Light was renovated in 1904.

Strolling in the Friendship Botanical Garden

The Stauffer Brothers crafted the Garden. According to the history of the place, the King of Persia consigned a ship full of Roses for the Rose Garden. Also, the Royal Family of Belgium and Netherlands gifted about 200,000 tulips from their Royal Garden. The Garden features around 100 acres of cliffs and woodland valleys, decorated with landscaped gardens.

Watch a Paly at the Dunes Summer Theater

If you are visiting Michigan City during summer and looking to have some fun in the locals, you can watch a play in the Dunes Summer Theater, during a summer evening. It is one of the prime attractions in the city. It is situated in the Michiana Shores. Musicals and plays take place during the summer. The shows are top-rated for the children. A renowned teacher of culture and art, Nora Tully MacAlvay conceived the original idea of opening a summer theater. Since then, this theater has been hugely successful.

Encountering the Wildlife at the Washington Park Zoo

The Washington Park Zoo has been a captivating feature since its establishment in 1928. It is kept open from April till October. This beautiful zoo has been designed with pathways of tree-line. It is situated on the slope of a Dune. The zoo has been a sanctuary for more than 90 species of animals like the Bengal tiger, fennec fox, meerkats, wallabies, and many more. Few of them are former pets, and most of them were rescued from many different places.

Outdoor Plan at the Central Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in Michigan City. It is part of the Indiana Dunes National Park, located in the west of downtown. You will experience the lovely portions of golden sand on this beach. It is surrounded by gigantic dunes that cover a forest area. On the landward side, you can also visit the Calumet Trial. It follows the dunes and the Great Marsh for nine miles, which ends at Mineral Springs Road in Dune Acres.

Exploring the Washington City Beach

It is one of the major beaches in the city of Michigan. It is famous for its spotless white sand and breathtaking views. This sandy beach is so fantastic that you will get so much space even if there is a large crowd gathered on the beach. The beach is so long that one can determine the line between the next town and the beach. There are restrooms and small cafes on the beach, near the lighthouse. It is visited by most people to enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, and water sports

Wrap Up

In conclusion, We hope that we have guided you properly regarding the fun activities and other things to do in Michigan City. Please stay in touch with us for more such travel and adventurous-related articles. If you like this post please share it with your travel lover friends. Thank You & Happy Travel…..

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